Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Year, New Name, New Theme

Look at this blog! I haven’t posted anything in it since 2014. And I have to say, I think about things to blog all the time. But often enough, they just don’t fit its theme.

Anyone who’s read past blogs of mine knows that I was never a purist when it comes to being a locavore. But more than that, I’ve found that there are only so many locavore adventures to write about. Over time, eventually you learn how to find almost anything you need locally, and the topic gets old.

Meanwhile, I began this blog in 2009, and it’s hard to continue calling yourself a “budding” anything when you’ve been doing it for almost seven years.

And yet.... I am still all about the food. It’s just that the over-arching theme isn’t “local” any more. And I’ve become even less of a purist locavore over time. But almost all of it does fit under the heading “antiquated.” “Vintage.” “Old-fashioned.”

More than likely, most of the food I’ll be talking about will still be local. But I think it’s time to broaden the main topic of the blog. From now on, I’ll just be Cookin’ It Old School.

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