Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Almost ready to move.

Soon, my pretties, soon I will have time to blog again - and things to blog about. This Saturday I'm moving to F's house, after which I'll (hopefully - got to check with his landlord) be joining Matt at his abode.

On Monday, Matt had the day off, during which I rented a storage unit, but we also went foraging at J's. Got about a pound of asparagus, but the wild strawberries are basically gone, and the blueberries are still green.

We did manage to get a fairly sizable haul off of Matt's mulberry tree, though. It's just a shame we don't have some tart berries to balance them out in a cobbler or something - they're fairly sweet, fibery, and bland by themselves. I may purchase some blueberries to make them into a cobbler with, just to give it a tad more oomph. It might be just the thing to treat my helpers with on the day of the move, if I can manage it.

More than almost anything, I'm looking forward to having the time to cook again. My move takes up so much head space and time that tonight's dinner of breakfast sausages and frozen waffles has become completely typical. At least it was less expensive than last week's pizzas and Chinese take-out.

Oh, also, the garden's been a bit of a disaster. We have bunnies. Very ballsy bunnies, who won't even necessarily run if they see people coming. They ate my Amish paste tomato plants, and most of the Cupids (grape tomatoes), too. I found one pea plant they'd bitten off at the bottom and didn't even have the decency to eat the rest of. Just left the plant laying there. Cauliflower - gone. But the beans and peppers, so far, live on, plus some of the tomatoes, so there's still hope.

Meanwhile, I've found that I keep buying things - even things I've planted - at the farmer's market because I simply can't wait the time that it takes for things to appear in my own garden. Maybe I needn't worry about gardening after all.

The front garden here at my apartment is doing pretty well, if weedy. The dandelions finally came up, and the purslane is big enough to harvest if I just had the gumption. Nasturtioms are blooming left and right, and a mysterious plant the identity of which was previously unknown turned out to be daylilies - also edible! The spinach got leggy too fast to use, but the lettuce looks fantastic, providing the basis of a super-gorgeous salad I'll probably harvest and serve this Saturday to feed to my movers.

So hang in there, just a couple more days and I can turn back into my usual, foragin' self.

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  1. As one of your movers, I'm looking forward to the food. :-)