Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three Bath Day.

That's what it was in our house yesterday. My kids had a bath before we left the house (Emma had a dance at school the night before and everyone was all sweaty, yuck); then we went to the farmer's market with Matt and his daughter, where the kids ate so many strawberries that their faces and hands were covered in red juice. In the case of Matt's daughter, her legs, too - she was our most enthusiastic berry eater of the day. So into the tub they went, as soon as we got home.

Then we went to F's house - time to check on J's asparagus patch. I knew she'd just gotten a couple of pounds out of it the other day, so I figured she wouldn't mind me mooching some more. Plus, it was time to check on the wild strawberries.

Turns out J was having a party for her son, and she let us all hang out. Got a good bunch of asparagus from the patch, which I split with J's sister, and there were loads of wild strawberries, everywhere. I got a pretty good amount of them - probably a cup and a half or so (keep in mind the biggest ones are the size of the tip of your pinkie) - and headed back to the party. The kids were all in a big waterfight, muddy and wet.

Matt and our daughters and I all tried some. Pretty good stuff, although I didn't have any of the berries from the farmer's market handy to compare them to. Towards the end of the get-together, I found F's son practically eating them hand-over-hand, so I ended up leaving them with him. Full of vitamins and stuff, you know. Besides, we still had three quarts at home to eat.

Back home, tick check - I think we found five between me and Matt's daughter - bath again. Due to mud and dirt and already having them all naked anyway.

Three bath day.


  1. Local strawbeeries, blueberries, and peaches-that's a good weekend!!

  2. Loll. Yeah, I figured that. That's what I get for blogging from your place.