Wednesday, August 12, 2009

...Aaaaaaand we're back!!!

All right now. We are entirely moved into our new place and have it almost set up to our specifications! Now I should be able to blog more regularly, and good thing, too! There's so much to talk about:

- It's really time to follow up on my "How Do You Use It Up?" thought. I didn't get the response I'd hoped for, so I'm going to break it down item by item with my own ideas. Jump in anytime!

- The co-op is holding an Eat Local Challenge from August 6th through September 27th. Matt and I found out about it reading the Metroland at a restaurant for my birthday. Needless to say, this led to a ton of other information; a nation-wide local eating challenge, a local eating blog at the Times Union. It may be several blogs unto itself.

- I've started putting up food for the winter. I haven't had time to learn how to can this summer, so for me, this means freezing. Soon I'll be getting a chest freezer off of Craigslist - the new place has plenty of room for one right in the kitchen. I can't wait! Meanwhile, I've been filling the freezer I do have with tomatoes and blueberries.

- Matt and I went to see Food, Inc. yesterday. It was very good, though there were both parts I liked and parts I didn't. Lots of material for discussion there.

- I bought a food dehydrator today! I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with some way to use this overabundance of blueberries at J's house come Christmastime, and I think dried blueberries are it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find dehydrator in any stores nearby and had to order online - it may not come till after the blueberries are gone. There will certainly be plenty of other things to dry, though, so I ordered it anyway.

So, stick around and catch up with me! And throw your thoughts out there any ol' time.

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