Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cancer-Fighting Herbs for Your Garden

I get a newsletter today from Care2.com, an interesting little site I found while learning about homemade beauty treatments. I started off on that little tangent when Emma was a toddler, because a friend and coworker sent around an informational email about microdermabrasion that included the little gem that one of the crystals used in the process is bicarbonate of soda: baking soda. I started exfoliating at home with the stuff (I don't want them shot at and sucked off my face, thanks - sounds too harsh for me!), got great results, and started trying to find other things I could make myself for my face.

At Care2, I found article after article on making your own lotions, cleansers, masks, and steam treatments. Now I never graduated to lotions or anything else fancy, but if something had a simple set of ingredients, I'd try it out, and I went through a long period of Sunday-night spa treatments. Good times.

Nowadays I'm busy with other interests, but when I got a link to an article on garden herbs in today's newsletter, I thought I'd share. It's important to remember that every plant comes with a host of phytochemicals, generally good for you, most of them undiscovered and unstudied because there are just so many. This is why Michael Pollan encourages us to eat more plants.

But this article does cover some interesting phytochemicals that have been researched and are linked to fighting cancer, which is interesting in and of itself, at least to my mind. Be sure to peek around over there; it's an interesting website full of tons of great information.

5 Cancer-Fighting Garden Herbs

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