Monday, May 4, 2009

Shift in Priorities

It's funny, as you get going on a project like this, the changes you notice taking place. I've gotten into a lot of self-improvement projects in the past, but this one is different: it wasn't really undertaken deliberately; it was a change in mindset, happening from the inside out. I'm only changing because I feel like it, and the ethical plusses are just a bonus.

One of the things that I'm noticing is the change in prioritization when it comes to eating. There was a time when I did it from an economic standpoint. If something was more expensive, I was more likely to make sure it got eaten. If something was cheap, for example bananas, I wouldn't sweat it too much.

Now, I think in terms of mileage. I've had a half-dozen bananas growing riper and riper on a shelf in my pantry for while now. They've gone past the point where they're in any way appetizing to just peel and eat, but still - how far away did they come to get here?

So last night we ate banana pancakes for dinner. It gave me a good excuse to break out the New York maple syrup, too.

This afternoon, Emma and I will make banana muffins.

The last banana, I'll smoosh up into the yogurt I made last night. I'm completely hooked on the homemade yogurt now; I eat it constantly. My favorite aspect of it, though, is my two-year-old son. Even though it doesn't come in a little plastic container and I have to add flavor to it for him, he knows exactly what it is: "Oh-gurr! Wah oh-gurr!" I love that.

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