Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day is coming!

I'll be celebrating tomorrow with a tea party/lunch with my kids and mom. We'll be having PBJ tea sandwiches (regular PBJs with the crusts cut off and made into pretty shapes), green salad with violets, and the potato salad I made before, minus the pink-and-purple this time (it didn't show well through the dressing, anyway).

After hanging with the kids, mom and I will be heading out for the new Star Trek movie. I was raised on the original because of her, so it seemed like geeking out together would be the perfect Mother's Day.

On Sunday we'll be getting as much done as we can in my friend's garden - seems like a good day for it, if we have to rent a tiller (don't know yet), since everyone else will be otherwise occupied. If we don't need to rent, there are still carrots and spinach to plant - running behind!

I've finished my re-read of AVM and I'm trying to get into a re-read of In Defense of Food, but it's just not happening; probably just my usual end-of-semester malaise. I'm heading into a weekend of cooking and gardening, though, so hopefully that'll bring me back!

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