Sunday, May 3, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture.

So, as noted before, this summer I bought a CSA share at Kilpatrick Family Farm. Yesterday was the first time I got to pick up. I'm splitting a full share with my boyfriend; I wasn't sure I'd consistently eat enough to use up the whole share, but the best savings are at that level.

Each week you get six or seven different vegetables; this week every share came with carrots and five other items. We picked fiddleheads (never tried them, always wanted to), parsnips, a bag of salad greens each, and a bag of something called Christmas spinach. Doesn't look like spinach, but it tastes like it. Pointed leaves like holly. Red-and-green. Weird stuff. It looks similar to the Strawberry Spinach from Seed Savers, but without the berries.

At any rate, now I'll have to figure out what to do with fiddleheads. I might try the recipe on the fiddlehead page above; the sauce looks interesting, and I have homemade yogurt to mix it up with.

I'll toss some garlic mustard with the salad greens, and maybe pick some violets for it if I can find them; violets have an interesting raw-pea-like flavor, and I've just gotten our daughters hooked on the things this weekend. They'll make the salad look mighty pretty, too.

And of course I'll want to try out the parsnip latkes, too. Delish!

School's out for me for two weeks; time to get cookin'.

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