Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saratoga market's outside now.

So the Saratoga farmer's market keeps operating all winter, which is great; and when the weather gets warm enough, they move it outside for the summer.

That happened this past weekend, and along with being outside, it's considerably expanded; lots more vendors. And I'll tell you the truth - I didn't like it. Of course that's probably because we had all three of our children with us.

Outside means that it's in High Rock Park, a narrow area with a fairly busy road running alongside the length of it; I'm one of "those" moms that frets constantly about their children and traffic. Well, mine are only two and six, and I'm terribly distractable, so maybe it's not that unreasonable a fear.

And of course more vendors means more things for the children to whine over, and it was every bit as crowded as the indoor market.

But, I can see that I'll like it a great deal when we're flying solo (or, I suppose, duo). I probably won't often stray from the farms I've developed a habit of buying from during the winter, in terms of meat and vegetables, except to blog. But there are lots of farms selling plants, and I have no loyalties there yet. There was even a florist, and a woman who seemed to be selling essential oils (there was a climbing tree in sight, which meant two girls anxious to run ahead - no time to stop!).

So after getting our weekly dose of Battenkill, we stopped to get flower plants for each of the girls; Emma got herself some impatiens, and my boyfriend's daughter chose a flat of pansies (always a favorite of mine - a classic).

One of the last stands had cauliflower plants, and we don't have any of that yet in my friend's garden, so of course I had to stop. Then my boyfriend's daughter noticed the pepper plants, so I grabbed a nice-looking flat of those and a flat of tomatoes (Big Boys, which sound like - if you'll forgive me - a garden-variety tomato; but I was already there so I got them anyway). The cauliflower we planted today, but the peppers and tomatoes have to wait. You can never have too many peppers or tomatoes, if you ask me; I hope they produce in spades.

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