Thursday, April 23, 2009

Carrots are in!

I took a peek at the package of the St. Valery carrot seeds I'd bought to see whether or not it was too early to plant - only to read "plant 3 to 4 weeks before the last frost, or whenever the soil is workable." Whoops! (See how often I say that?)

So I got my little patooty out front and planting right away. I've only got one patch in, and there's another spot I want to plant on the other side, but it's a start. It was so windy that even as close as I was to the ground - my fingers pinching out seeds a fraction of an inch from the surface - the wind would blow them off to the side from time to time. Good thing I don't care if I get some crooked rows! I'm pretty sure they'd be crooked, anyway.

This weekend we should be, hopefully, spending some time trimming some blueberry bushes for my friend with the small farm. I want to be eyeball-deep in blueberries this summer! After that's done, we'll be able to work on the large garden another friend is willing to share with us across the street. Really the only thing I really care about is shelling peas, which should be in the ground already - cross your fingers they'll still turn out!!!

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