Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sorry for the break, folks!

I have been too busy doing stuff this weekend to spend much time writing about it; you'll probably find that happening on most weekends, so I'll apologize in advance. Tonight I have history homework, but tomorrow will find me here with lots of posts to make.

Some highlights of the weekend:
  • the ubiquitous trip to the farmer's market
  • a rare trip to the food co-op
  • the beginning work on the garden in my friend's yard (the blueberry-bush thing never happened)
  • a stupendous haul of garlic mustard from said friend' yard.

The garlic mustard is only stupendous in the context of eating it; in terms of eradicating it, it's sadly the tip of the iceberg, especially since I learned the hard way that the little boogers come apart in your hand so they can leave their roots in the ground. But from an eating perspective, quite a haul. I gave up taking off leaves for cleaning about two-thirds of the way through; now I have to figure out how to destroy the roots and the rest of the plants.

Till tomorrow, then!

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