Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have a Happy Local Easter

So this year for Easter I’m trying something new. Right now I’m in the middle of a divorce, and the kids will be going with their dad for Easter dinner; so I’m hosting an Easter brunch in the morning with my family. Everyone’s bringing something, and I’ll fill in the gaps in between.

I managed to get almost everything I needed right there at the farmer’s market. Fingerling potatoes for home fries from Sheldon Farms in Salem; Golden Delicious apples for an apple salad from Bowman Orchards in Rexford; and for a frittata, spinach, scallions, eggs, and carrots from Kilpatrick Family Farm in Middle Granville. And of course, the usual 2 gallons of Battenkill milk. I thought about some ice cream – they had black raspberry, which in fruit form at least is one of my mother’s favorites – but I had to run other errands after the market, so I skipped it this time.

I can’t wait till the morning; I’ll be sure to note down amounts, etc. on the apples and the frittata so I can note the recipes here. I’ll be riffing off the frittata recipe I linked to in an earlier blog, which will require a lot of improvisation.

A note on each of the farms:

Bowman has been my source for apples all winter, and cider too. Their apples - all varieties - are a dollar a pound. Emma likes the Granny Smiths, and I'm a fan of the Golden Delicious (though I sometimes get some Empires or Cortlands if I'm making applesauce or pies).

Sheldon is a farm whose table I never visited before, though I don't have any particular reason for that. They specialize in lots of varieties of potatoes, and apparently sweet corn - which I'll look forward to this summer.

Kilpatrick is a table I visit pretty much every week. They weren't the first farm to have green stuff out this spring - another farm I haven't gotten the name of did (I'll get it next week). But, they had the biggest variety out the fastest, and this week had at least six different kind of leafy stuff out, including several I've never heard of (Christmas spinach???). They offer CSA shares, which I couldn't order until I was certain whether I'd be attending the Saratoga farmer's market all season. Seems that I will be, so if they have any shares left, I'll be looking into that very soon. It'll give me something else to blog about.

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