Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gardening Update

Well, the parsley has finally decided to show its face a bit, although there are still more than half that haven't popped up. The basil is just starting to grow new leaves, and the chamomile had to be trimmed down a bit with scissors; the seeds were so tiny that I literally couldn't see what I was doing during planting. The Greek oregano hasn't shown yet, but it's not supposed to've done.

The nasturtiums, I've learned, probably never needed to be started inside at all. They've sprawled out everywhere and had to be taken out of the mini-greenhouse. Whoops. Yesterday I put them outside for an hour to get them used to it; today I'll do a few hours. Tomorrow, those that are sprouted already will go in the ground.

Outside, I've managed to plant the lettuce and spinach. I'd moved part of the peppermint plant over to the main garden; no sign of leaves from it yet, but you never know. I still have the main on sprouting over in the side garden, much to my surprise. The chives have been moved to the main garden, too. I'm not sure how soon I can plant my carrots; I may place a call to my dad about that.

Everything is shaping up pretty nicely this year, I think. Hopefully everything keeps going more-or-less smoothly. Cross your fingers!

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