Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Woman’s Trash is Another One’s Treasure

So I’m weeding my garden, scanning for edibles when voila! I find a couple of small garlic mustards.

This time of year their leaves are rounder and less pointy than later, and there are no flowers yet. But they’re good eatin’. And while normally you have to be careful not to over-harvest when foraging, garlic mustard is an invasive species, so the more you pull, the better. They taste a bit oniony and garlicky, as their name suggests, and you can eat them cooked or raw.

And remember, wild plants are loaded with phytochemicals, so eat up!

I’m going to be putting mine into some bean soup tomorrow.


  1. I should try that. I have enough garlic mustard (still!) to feed a dozen people. Are they better eating when young?

  2. Yeah, they're more tender this time of year; they get bitter later, I'm told. I'll probably eat most of mine in salads, not cooked, since I don't generally like cooked greens much.

    Good to see you here!!!