Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nasturtiums: Lesson Learned.

OK. Well, bigger seeds do mean bigger, harder-to-kill seedlings.

They also mean they outgrow the little greenhouse long before any of the other things you plant. Then they press their little leaves against the plastic top, which for some reason (Heat? Moisture?) begin to wilt.

So they're out of the wee greenhouse now. And I won't be trying THAT again.

But, last night Emma and I went out and planted ourselves a spinach patch and a lettuce patch. Plus, when I was pulling up the old, dead mint plants to make room for the hostas I'm putting there now, it turned out they weren't dead after all! Well, the peppermint isn't, anyway. Its little runner sprouts hadn't quite made it up past the top of the soil yet, is all. So I moved it over into the front garden to see whether it takes off.

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